Meet Flint & Genesee’s Business Owners

Business Development, Flint, MI, Faces of Flint & Genesee Business logoThe Flint & Genesee Chamber is a membership organization representing more than 1,200 businesses and affiliates. We also work with hundreds more each year through our Economic Alliance division. That’s a lot of business. It’s also a lot of people. In recognition of the entrepreneurs and business owners driving our economy forward, we present FACES, a monthly Q&A series featuring our members and clients. If you’ve ever wondered who it is you’re doing business with – or could be doing business with – in Flint & Genesee, here’s your chance to find out.

FACES of Flint & Genesee Business: Craig & Sandra Kelley

In 2004, Sandra Kelley had the opportunity to take a buyout from General Motors where she had worked for many years. As someone who had always aspired to own her own business, she discussed it with her husband and took that buyout to begin her dreams.


Scott Beutler & Scott Morris, Commercial Caseworks, LLC

Scott Beutler and Scott Morris met when Beutler was working in maintenance for the City of Burton and Morris was a sales consultant for a door and hardware company. The two became fast friends bonding over snowmobiles, motorcycles, and cars. However, neither of them would have known that their friendship would one day become a business partnership.


Nikki Rogers, Link Recruiting

Working in hiring and recruiting for many years, Nikki Rogers knew she wanted to do things differently.

“I wanted to expand and make (recruiting) more personalized,” says Rogers. “Instead of saying, ‘Here’s a resume, good luck,’ I wanted to build relationships and partnerships on both ends (of recruiting).”


Jennifer Sear, Fyzical Therapy & Balance Center

Marlena Curtis

Jennifer Sear had a robust career in health care when she and her husband decided to open a business of their own. So, they investigated various franchises until they landed on one that aligned with their goals and values of helping people. At first, they were just looking to be franchise owners, but plans changed once they found their fit.


Leni Williams, Leni Kei Photography

Photo of Leni Williams

Leni Williams started photographing 10 years ago as a hobby. She and her husband just moved to Michigan, and she wasn’t sure what she wanted to do with her career, so in the meantime, she used her digital camera to take some photos. With the encouragement of her husband, she started to take photos of family and friends for fun, until one day a friend approached her to give her an opportunity.


Olivia Sanders, The Way Coffee Co.

Olivia Sanders

Olivia Sanders started her career as a special education teacher. During her time in the school system, she noticed the lack of opportunities for special needs students after graduation.

“Students that might not qualify for traditional transitional services, but are not college bound, had a hard time going directly into the workforce,” says Sanders. “We wanted to create a bridge for those individuals.”


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