FACES of Flint & Genesee Business: Scott Beutler & Scott Morris, Commercial Caseworks, LLC

Scott Beutler and Scott Morris met when Beutler was working in maintenance for the City of Burton and Morris was a sales consultant for a door and hardware company. The two became fast friends bonding over snowmobiles, motorcycles, and cars. However, neither of them would have known that their friendship would one day become a business partnership. 

In the mid-2010s, Beutler owned a custom cabinet company and wanted to expand to add commercial cabinetry, while Morris was looking to end his career in commercial doors when they both saw an opportunity. 

“When I was ready to stop working in the door and hardware business, I consulted with a lot of friends,” says Morris. “Scott Beutler was the one that kept saying he wanted to go commercial, and I just wanted to do something else so why not try this.”  

So, the duo started a six-month trial to see if this was something they could pursue. The vision was to build quality caseworks with quick lead times. Three months in, they knew they had something. Beutler and Morris purchased a building that gave them enough room to run a new CNC router, a machine that uses coded program instructions to transform a piece of material, and in 2015 Commercial Caseworks, LLC officially launched.  

“One of my proudest moments is probably when we bought the CNC,” says Beutler. “That is when it really became real.” 

According to Morris, the nearest companies with the same caliber CNC for custom caseworks are in either Midland or Auburn Hills, making Commercial Caseworks a standout company in Genesee County.  

Commercial Caseworks provides casework and cabinetry for many dental, medical, veterinary, schools, credit unions, and even Meijer stores throughout Michigan, Ohio, and Canada.  

What are your proudest moments? 

Morris: The first year we did a million dollars in sales, that was big, and it became a milestone. Also, the first time an architect made us an approved manufacturer and put us up with the big boys.  

What is your business philosophy? 

M: To provide the highest quality possible and take our lead times extremely seriously. The way we structured the company, we don’t have to go up the chain to stop production and fit something in. We’ll stay the extra hours and do that. And that is more by our nature than design.  

As a business in Genesee County, how would you describe the area to an outsider? 

Beutler: I have lived in Genesee County my whole life. It’s a good county with a lot of diverse things you can do. Our kids moved to Florida and lived there for seven or eight years but couldn’t wait to come back and now it’s their forever place.  

Outside of business, what do you like to do? 

M: I am a bit of an extremist. My adolescence was spent in Northern Michigan where I was exposed to fun stuff like motorcycles, snowmobiles, and boating.  

B: Me and the wife, we enjoy camping and off-roading in my wife’s Jeep. We belong to Outdoor Adventure in Davison and frequent their places.  

Why did you decide to join the Flint & Genesee Chamber? 

M: Scott did because I told him to. (laughs) It was mostly for networking. We did more in the beginning to get our name out there.  

What advice would you offer other business owners or those looking to start a business? 

B: Be prepared to spend a lot more hours than you’d think you ever would. 

M: That is definitely one of the big things. I would say, surround yourself with people that believe in you and stay away from the rest.  

For more information on Commercial Caseworks, LLC, visit Commercial-Caseworks.com