Economic Development in Flint & Genesee

Your company’s systems of economic support directly impact your ability to retain and create jobs–and grow.

The Economic Development team at the Flint & Genesee Chamber of Commerce promotes job creation, investment, and increased revenue in our region.

Through economic development, the Flint & Genesee Chamber is focused on the “spaces between” stakeholders–making connections between and providing support for various support systems, resources, and clients. By keeping our finger on the pulse of opportunity, we are able to quickly link companies, entrepreneurs, and residents with the programs that will support them.

Whether you’re thinking about building or growing your business in Flint & Genesee, we can help your business reach its greatest potential. We understand your challenges and we’re focused on strengthening the businesses and economy of our community.

Support for Your Business

Contact us about:

  • Financing and Incentives
  • Workforce Hiring and Training
  • Lean/Process Improvement Options
  • Business Strategic Planning
  • Export and Trade
  • Site Selection
  • Talent Connection Services


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