Q&A: Adam Ranville on connecting with clients subconsciously

On Sept. 25, the Flint & Genesee Chamber of Commerce will team up with Adam Ranville to offer Creating Trust & Comfort – a workshop designed for professionals who work with people on a regular basis.

Adam Ranville

Specifically, the session will cover how to develop stronger emotional connections by understanding the impact of factors such as body language, word choice and tonality. In doing so, attendees will learn how to build trust, communicate more precisely and exceed client expectations.

We often hear the phrase, “it isn’t what you say but how you say it.” How does this relate to your training?

There are things that we subconsciously do that can drastically hurt the connections we have with others. For instance, if you’re speaking loudly to someone who is soft-spoken, they’re going to feel uncomfortable. The same goes if you’re sitting too close to someone who’s leaning back in their chair.

So how can we consciously build a good rapport with others?

Think of how friends or people who have been dating for years are with each other. They often stand with the same posture or speak at the same volume, pitch and speed. They’re in a state of harmony. So, if you make a point to use the same slang or speak in a similar manner to others, you can speed up that harmony process with clients and co-workers.

What else can attendees expect to learn during your workshop?

I’m going to teach them how people are wired through their senses. Whether or not we realize it, we make decisions using our eyes, our ears and our physical touch. We usually use all three senses, but most people have a dominant sense.

How do you know what a person’s dominant sense is?

Listen to how they respond to questions, like “What do you think?” If they say, “I heard what you had to say…,” they probably lean toward their auditory sense. Whereas someone who says, “I’ve looked this over…,” probably likes to see things to make a decision.

Want to learn more? The Sept. 25 workshop will be held from 8-10 a.m. at the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan, and pre-registration is required to attend. Click here to reserve your seat.

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