Our Commitment

The Flint & Genesee Group is at its best when our employees feel valued, included and heard – when everyone can show up as themselves and do their best work. That’s why diversity, equity and inclusion are central to who we are and everything we do. Together we are creating an inclusive culture grounded in values that instill leadership and excellence at every level and require respect and accountability from all. Our policies and practices empower our employees to contribute to their individual success and the success of the organization.

Our commitment to DEI also encompasses working with our partners to create a more racially-just community. One that offers equitable opportunities and outcomes for businesses and individuals, and ultimately contributes to greater economic prosperity in Genesee County.

Our Values

Lead from every level

We thrive when there is leadership at all levels and throughout the organization. Employees have not only the ability – but the responsibility to lead.

Be inclusive to elevate all

Our diversity and inclusion efforts are a priority. We will claim success when everyone succeeds, so we create opportunities for everyone’s voice to be heard.

Be excellent

We want the best for our community and the best for our organization. We push boundaries and exceed expectations. We tackle projects with ambition, with innovation and without fear of failure.

Respect your impact

What we say and do matters. By taking our jobs seriously, we show that we hold each other in high regard and support an environment of trust and respect.

Our Culture

DEI Governance

Oversight of diversity, equity and inclusion at the Flint & Genesee Group begins at the highest level of the organization with the CEO and Board of Directors, and extends throughout the enterprise. A diverse group of leaders comprise our DEI Committee and are responsible for driving the work — guided by our DEI Strategic Plan — to achieve a more diverse, welcoming and inclusive organization.

Committee on Culture & Collaboration

The Committee is a cross-functional, employee-led group that influences a positive workplace culture by promoting employee engagement and collaboration. They serve as an internal sounding board for new ideas and ways of working as well as concerns. In addition, the Committee develops and implements tools and activities that engage employees in the business and recognizes them.

Employee Resource Groups

The ERGs are voluntary, employee-led groups where team members join together in light of common interests, backgrounds or demographics. They also influence the creation of new policies to further inclusiveness and help foster an overall diverse, inclusive workplace aligned with our mission, values, and goals.

  • Minority Resource Group convenes employees of different races and ethnic groups on discussions and activities related to workplace culture, social issues, cultural education and celebrations, and cultural identity in the workplace.
  • Women in Action Resource Group aims to support and strengthen the voices of FGG women to help achieve their full potential. They encourage, enable and facilitate women’s active involvement in business, the workplace, in learning, community life, and personal development.

Standing Up and Speaking Out

Flint & Genesee Group is pleased to have joined with other businesses calling for action and change. Some of the issues that we have signed onto are included below, but our work is far from done.