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This holiday season, you might find yourself feeling nostalgic as you travel home to Flint & Genesee.

After all, it’s where you attended elementary school, got your first job and went sledding every winter. This is where you grew up.

At the same time, the region continues to grow and reinvent itself. It has so many assets – a growing economy, low cost of living, and educational and cultural resources that make the future of Flint & Genesee bright with possibilities. So why not make your visit something more permanent?

Below, you’ll find key stats around living in Flint & Genesee as well as stories from former Genesee County expatriates who made the decision to move back.

Interested in the possibility of joining them? Complete the form below and someone from our team will connect with you to discuss your goals, your interests and how moving back to Flint & Genesee might be the right decision for you.

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Returning Home

As part of its Home for the Holidays campaign, Flint & Genesee Group connected with Genesee County natives who moved away and have since come back. They shared with us their experience of returning to Flint & Genesee — why they left, why they came back and why they’re here to stay.

Living in Flint & Genesee


More than 11,000 acres of parks and nature areas to explore and 142 miles of river to paddle.


Flint & Genesee boasts a low cost of living at 83.9% (16.1% below the national average), a growing economy, and affordable housing.


With one of the highest concentrations of top ranked K-12 public schools in Michigan, families in Flint & Genesee can choose from 21 school districts.


Communities at a Glance

From small towns to urban neighborhoods, lakefront homes to downtown loft apartments, Flint & Genesee has a home to call yours.


With 21 school districts and multiple institutions of higher learning, Flint & Genesee believes in preparing our youth for the future.


From the region that took four wheels and a motor and started a revolution, Flint & Genesee continues to lead the area in manufacturing, healthcare and entrepreneurship.


Flint & Genesee is in the right place. We are geographically well-positioned and accessible by car, bus, train and plane.


From our parks and beaches, to our museums and entertainment venues, there’s something for everyone in Flint & Genesee.


Flint & Genesee’s network of companies and institutions support a pipeline of talent from assembly to skill trades to high level engineering and management.

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