Flint & Genesee Chamber of Commerce
519 S Saginaw St. Suite 200
Flint, MI 48502


Staff Directory

At the Flint & Genesee Chamber of Commerce our goal is to better serve the needs of our members and the community. If we can assist you in any manner, please contact us.


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Tim Herman
p: 810.600.1411
e: therman@flintandgenesee.org

Duane Miller
Executive Vice President/COO
p: 810.600.1424
e: dmiller@flintandgenesee.org

Maureen Steffen
Executive Assistant to CEO &
Executive Vice President/COO

p: 810.600.1411
e: msteffen@flintandgenesee.org

Elizabeth Murphy
Group Vice President
p: 810.600.1416
e: emurphy@flintandgenesee.org

George Wilkinson
Group Vice President
p: 810.600.1439
e: gwilkinson@flintandgenesee.org

Economic Development

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Janice Karcher
Vice President of
Economic Development

p: 810.600.1430
e: jkarcher@flintandgenesee.org

Stacy Betts
Director, Procurement Technical
Assistance Center

p: 810.600.1432
e: sbetts@flintandgenesee.org

Christie Carpenter
Business Development Specialist
p: 810.600.1459
e: ccarpenter@flintandgenesee.org

Karena Hamlet
Business Development Manager
p: 810.600.1440
e: khamlet@flintandgenesee.org

Andrew Hayes
Senior Procurement Counselor
p: 810.600.1438
e: ahayes@flintandgenesee.org

Julie Hipps
Administrative Coordinator
p: 810.600.1429
e: jhipps@flintandgenesee.org

Brian Larkin
Director, Community Outreach & Core Initiatives
p: 810.600.1406
e: blarkin@flintandgenesee.org

Kyle McCree
Director, Business Financing
p: 810.600.1435
e: kmccree@flintandgenesee.org

Jasmine McKenney
Procurement Counselor
p: 810.600.4066
e: jmckenney@flintandgenesee.org

Justin Sprague
Director of Special Projects
p: 810.600.1433
e: jsprague@flintandgenesee.org

Member Services

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Heather N. Kale
Director, Member Services
p: 810.600.1427
e: hkale@flintandgenesee.org

DeAndra McCain
Sales Manager, Member Services
p: 810.600.1408
e: dmccain@flintandgenesee.org

Convention & Visitors Bureau

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Cheryl DeFrain
Director of Convention &
Visitors Bureau

p: 810.600.1457
e: cdefrain@flintandgenesee.org

Meghan Hoffman, CMP
Convention Sales Manager
p: 810.600.1405
e: mhoffman@flintandgenesee.org

Courtney Irish, CMP
Group Sales Manager
p: 810.600.1456
e: cirish@flintandgenesee.org

Mona Murphy, CMP
Sales Manager
p: 810.600.1453
e: mmurphy@flintandgenesee.org

Education & Training

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Rhetta Hunyady
Vice President,
Education & Training

p: 810.600.1412
e: rhunyady@flintandgenesee.org

Sharri Newman
Program Director

p: 810.600.1407
e: snewman@yquest.org

Crystal Sayer
Administrative Assistant,
YouthQuest After School Initiative Program

p: 810.600.1422
e: csayer@flintandgenesee.org

Paula Stainbrook
Executive Assistant,
Education & Training

p: 810.600.1413
e: pstainbrook@flintandgenesee.org

Emily Yaden
Logistics Coordinator
p: 810.600.1460
e: eyaden@flintandgenesee.org

Jimantra Grant
Program Data Assistant
p: 810.600.4068
e: jgrant@yquest.org

Shelby Lockett
Program Data Assistant
p: 810.600.4069
e: slockett@yquest.org

Annetta Williams
Program Data Assistant
p: 810.600.4070
e: awilliams@yquest.org

YouthQuest Main Office
p: 810.600.1422
e: info@yquest.org

Education & Training

p: 810.600.1414


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Sherry Tompkins
Director, Advertising & Marketing
p: 810.600.1428
e: stompkins@flintandgenesee.org

Amanda Blackburn
Graphics/Web Designer
p: 810.600.1420
e: ablackburn@flintandgenesee.org

Holly Carlton, CMP
Events Manager
p: 810.600.1452
e: hcarlton@flintandgenesee.org

David Merot
Research, Analytics &
Development Consultant

p: 810.600.1414
e: dmerot@flintandgenesee.org

Carol Pongrac
Graphics/Web Designer
p: 810.600.1409
e: cpongrac@flintandgenesee.org

Dawn Stableford
Project Manager
p: 810.600.1454
e: dstableford@flintandgenesee.org


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Elaine D. Redd
Director, Communications & Public Relations
p: 810.600.1418
e: eredd@flintandgenesee.org

Bob Campbell, APR
Communications & Public Relations Consultant
p: 810.600.1421
e: bcampbell@flintandgenesee.org

Misty Gower
Manager, Communications & Public Relations
p: 810.600.1434
e: mgower@flintandgenesee.org

Izzi Joseph
Communications & Public Relations Specialist
p: 810.600.4071
e: ijoseph@flintandgenesee.org


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Lenora Reyes
Vice President of Finance
p: 810.600.1415
e: lreyes@flintandgenesee.org

Michelle Hill
Director, Shared Services
p: 810.600.1423
e: mhill@flintandgenesee.org

Kristina Johnston
Director, Grants and Special Projects
p: 810.600.1441
e: kjohnston@flintandgenesee.org

Roy Teahen
Director of Information Technology
p: 810.600.4065
e: rteahen@flintandgenesee.org

Wanda Twitty
Human Resources Director
p: 810.600.1431
e: wtwitty@flintandgenesee.org

Constance Allen
YouthQuest Accounts Payable
p: 810.600.1447
e: callen@flintandgenesee.org

Lisa Brantley
Account Payable & Participant Payroll Clerk
p: 810.600.1442
e: lbrantley@flintandgenesee.org

Renee Boals-Peel
Shared Services & Operations Coordinator
p: 810.600.1451
e: rboals-peel@flintandgenesee.org

Jennifer Cramer
Finance Manager
p: 810.600.1426
e: jcramer@flintandgenesee.org

Debbie Garrison
Education & Training/Human Resource Assistant
p: 810.600.4067
e: dgarrison@flintandgenesee.org

Jesseca Huntley
YouthQuest Budget & Accounting Assistant
p: 810.600.1448
e: jhuntley@flintandgenesee.org

Mekelle James
Human Resources Assistant
p: 810.600.4073
e: mjames@flintandgenesee.org

Brandon Morgan
Grants Coordinator
p: 810.600.4072
e: bmorgan@flintandgenesee.org

Tanya O’Neill
Finance Project Coordinator
p: 810.600.1417
e: toneill@flintandgenesee.org

Chris Ringler
Operations Coordinator
p: 810.600.1451
e: cringler@flintandgenesee.org

Jayne Sheffield
YouthQuest Finance Manager
p: 810.600.1449
e: jsheffield@yquest.org

Matt Stoddard
IT Manager
p: 810.600.1425
e: mrstoddard@flintandgenesee.org