About Moving Flint Forward

The Moving Flint Forward grant program will award grants up to $10,000 each to small businesses that effectively demonstrate needs or challenges that are barriers to growth. The program is designed to help businesses expand, make repairs and leasehold improvements, and purchase inventory and equipment. (Debt service on any federal, state or local taxes owed are not eligible expenses for program consideration.) The collaborative effort between GM and the Chamber will help to broaden revitalization efforts beyond the city’s downtown and into the neighborhoods.

Grant Criteria

All grant applicants must complete the application process and comply with all program requirements. Grantees will be required to meet as a cohort 2-3 times during the grant period to network, provide updates on grant activities, share best practices/lessons learned, discuss service projects and possible connections, and receive technical support.

  • Must own and operate a business within the city of Flint
  • Attending or viewing informational webinar is not required, but is recommended. (Watch Webinar – recorded December 8, 2020)
  • All applicants must complete each step of the application process to receive the entire grant
  • Businesses must host at least one site visit with staff dedicated to this program to showcase progress/completion of grant activities
  • Business may not be a franchise or a nonprofit
  • Business must be in good standing as of the date of submission and not in bankruptcy
  • Owners must not be listed on the Michigan State Police Sex Offender Registry; and must comply with the U.S. Patriot Act