Flint & Genesee Chamber endorses MTA millage renewal request

The Flint & Genesee Chamber of Commerce has endorsed the Mass Transportation Authority’s (MTA) millage renewal and consolidation request that will appear on the August 4, 2020 Primary ballot.

The countywide millage allows the MTA to provide transportation for a variety of special services required today, including medical visits, grocery shopping, prescriptions, work-related, and other basic needs. This includes funding for “Your Ride” and other related services for the elderly, persons with disabilities, the disadvantaged and other members of the public throughout Genesee County.

A “yes” vote would allow MTA to consolidate three small millages into one that would be subject to renewal every five years. The current three millages are: 0.40 millage approved by the voters August 5, 2014; the 0.425 millage approved by the voters November 4, 2014; and the 0.40 millage approved by the voters August 7, 2018. They would be replaced with a new levy of 1.225 mills for a period of five years, 2020 –2024, inclusive.

The consolidation would not increase property taxes and would raise $11,885,622 in the first year of the replacement levy. In addition, the MTA will no longer levy the previously approved individual millages if voters approve the request.

The Chamber’s endorsement was approved by its Operating Board.