Excel. Excite. Explore.

Welcome to YouthQuest … a no-cost, innovative afterschool enrichment program for K-12 youth in Flint & Genesee County, Michigan.

YouthQuest takes a holistic approach to learning; it’s fun, engaging and experiential, and it’s connected to the school day. This approach not only improves students’ overall performance at school, but contributes to work-ready skills such as team work, problem-solving, critical thinking and healthy decision making.

YouthQuest also plays an important role in connecting schools with our communities. We’re moving beyond the traditional classroom activities and we’re exposing youth to neighborhood organizations, local theater and museums, health and fitness programs, and interesting leaders in the community.

What can we do for our kids? Spend some time in Flint & Genesee and see what’s possible.

Academic Program: Reading, Math and Science

Academic-based activities are supported by curriculum designed especially for after school.


A nutritious dinner and snack are provided as part of the after school program. Local school districts along with area grocers and restaurants are supporting YouthQuest’s food service and student learning experiences.

Enrichment, Physical Fitness, Health

YouthQuest partners with a variety of community organizations to provide cultural and educational enrichment activities and skill building. Areas of focus include academics, sports, performing arts, technology, arts and crafts, civic involvement, and social, nutritional and physical engagement.

Youth Development and Leadership

Youth development and leadership skill building is an important component of the program. These key areas are addressed:


  • Introduction to computers and computer-related technology
  • Instruction on appropriate uses of technology

Life Skills

  • Personal development
  • Personal hygiene
  • Positive relationship building
  • Conflict resolution

Career Awareness

  • Value of a team – both as a member and as a leader

Character Education

  • YouthQuest focuses on values that prepare students for positive social engagement.

Volunteerism for YouthQuest Students

In addition to academic and social activities, YouthQuest students learn the importance of volunteering. Working jointly with their peers and their learning guide, they identify projects or a cause to which they can contribute their time, skill or talents. Children quickly learn how great it feels to help others and often inspire their friends to volunteer.

Youth Advisory Council

Each school has a Youth Advisory Council comprised of YouthQuest students and children who are not YouthQuest participants, but attend the same schools. The council members provide input on enrichment activities and more, or if they are not currently a YouthQuest participant, they might express a desire to join YouthQuest.

YouthQuest is a no-cost after school initiative operated by the Flint & Genesee Chamber of Commerce through the generous support of the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation and others.