Financing Options

Companies expanding and relocating in Flint-Genesee County have access to a wide variety of financing options.  Our team helps new & established companies investigate and apply for financing.

Private and public financing resources are available for businesses through pre-seed financing, venture capital, traditional collateral based financing and government guarantees and loans.

Access to capital is one of the primary resources for any growing business.  In addition to venture capital, grants and incentives, Michigan offers a number of business loan programs and financing options.

We recognize businesses have varying capital needs, based on the timeline to profitability as they progress through various stages of development.  Take a look at our business life cycle chart to determine where you are and we’ll help you explore your financing options.


The Flint & Genesee Chamber of Commerce Economic Team helps firms coordinate site searches and identify financing options and incentives.  We will coordinate such efforts on your behalf with government leaders at the state, regional and local levels.  Such incentives may include local tax abatements, project grants, and loans.  A few are listed below but for a more inclusive list, click on either of the links below.

Location-Based Tax Savings Programs:

Industrial Property Tax Abatement
Provides a 50% industrial property tax abatement on new investment for both real and personal property for up to 12 years.  This abatement can be granted by local municipalities or Next Michigan Development Corporation.

Personal Property Tax Relief in Distressed Communities
 Allows distressed communities to abate 100% of the personal property taxes on new machinery and equipment.  Genesee County municipalities eligible to participate include the Cities of Flint, Burton, and Mt. Morris, the Townships of Genesee, Montrose and Mt. Morris.  This abatement can be granted by local municipalities or Next Michigan Development Corporation.

MEDC and State Tax Savings Programs:

Michigan businesses, economic developers and communities now have new tools to spur investment, fuel job growth and support community revitalization. The MEDC and State of Michigan provides significant value to businesses looking to expand or locate their business here.