Entrepreneurial Services

Let us grow your business and experience all the opportunities we have to offer in Flint & Genesee County. We are working to diversify our economic landscape to stay competitive in the global economy by building small businesses.



Small Business Revolving Loan Program

The Economic Development Corporation’s (EDC’s) small business loan program can provide financing to local for-profit businesses.

The EDC can provide a direct loan for up to 20% of the total project cost, with a maximum loan amount of $100,000. Loans are secured by business and personal assets, as well as through the personal guarantees of owners. The EDC will also finance the total project, with a maximum loan amount of $100,000. Businesses receiving EDC funding must be able to create one new job for each $25,000 borrowed.

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Whether you’re looking to jump-start your start-up or help your small business reach its full potential— the eTEAM at the Flint & Genesee Chamber of Commerce should be your first phone call.

The eTEAM is a regional collaboration of entrepreneurial service providers, which includes multiple organizations like Kettering University, the Michigan Small Business Development Center (MI-SBDC), Mott Community College-Regional Technology Center, Commerce Connect, Automation Alley, Baker College of Flint Small Business Center, SCORE, Inventors Council of Mid-Michigan, VetBizCentral, Metro Community Development, and others.

The eTEAM understands the early stages of getting a business up and running and the challenges and questions many entrepreneurs have when starting out. Helping new local businesses get established and succeed is our primary goal, and we achieve it every day with a series of free services, resources and support.

We take your entrepreneurial dream all the way from concept to launch, helping you vet financing options, obtain property and write a business plan. The eTEAM provides assistance and support as you identify your target audience, develop revenue streams and create proformas.

Kiva Lending

The Flint & Genesee Chamber of Commerce is a Kiva Loan trustee

Kiva is for any entrepreneur who can use a 0% interest loan to help take his or her business to the next level.  Whether you’re in the idea phase, start-up mode, or an established business, Kiva could be a great option for you.

Entrepreneurs can raise money for any business purpose — working capital, equipment, inventory, marketing, or project-based investments are all ways you can leverage Kiva to help your business grow.

As a trustee, the Chamber endorses local entrepreneurs leveraging its reputation to support business owners.  For more information or questions about Kiva, contact Tracy Joseph at tjoseph@flintandgenesee.org.

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