K-12 Workshops

K-12 Career Preparation Program

K-12 Career Preparation Program

Support through preparation and leadership

Academic excellence and career preparation are a key focus of the Education & Training (ET) department at the Flint & Genesee Chamber of Commerce. To achieve these goals the Chamber is promoting the Career Preparation Program, a free in-school training initiative that provides enhancement and enrichment workshops for students K-12. The workshops are designed by the Chamber to not only help prepare students, but inform and reinforce the importance of considering their options for employment as they move through high school.

As part of overall career preparation, prior to high school graduation students are required to establish an Educational Development Plan (EDP) through their local schools.  The Chamber’s initiative supports the EDP, assisting students through workshop experiences developed to help connect the importance of what they are learning in the classroom to the expectations of the workplace.

The Career Preparation Program works in partnership with Genesee County K-12 schools, the Genesee Intermediate School District, and other educational institutions.