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Career Preparation Program

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Academic excellence and career preparation are a key focus of the Education & Training (ET) department at the Flint & Genesee Chamber of Commerce. To achieve these goals the Chamber is promoting the Career Preparation Program, a free in-school training initiative that provides enhancement and enrichment workshops for students in grades 9-12. The workshops are designed by the Chamber to not only help prepare students, but inform and reinforce the importance of considering their options for employment as they move through high school.

As part of overall career preparation, prior to high school graduation, students are required to establish an Educational Development Plan (EDP) through their local schools.  The Chamber’s initiative supports the EDP, assisting students through workshop experiences developed to help connect the importance of what they are learning in the classroom to the expectations of the workplace. These workshops are provided at no cost to the schools during the school day. The Workshop Summaries below provide a list of the types of services available.

The Career Preparation Program works in partnership with Genesee County K-12 schools, the Genesee Intermediate School District, and other educational institutions.

If you are an educator and would like to request our services, please complete the Request Form online. You may also download the form and email it to pstainbrook@flintandgenesee.org or awatts@flintandgenesee.org or fax it to (810) 600-1461. For more information please contact Paula Stainbrook at (810) 600-1413 or Amy Watts at (810) 730-6370.

Workshop Summaries

Classroom Workshops are educational tools that provide students with valuable insight for their career objectives. These engaging and interactive workshops are held in the comfort of the student’s own school during a normal school day.

There is no cost to schools or students participating in the workshop program.

Download the Workshop Summaries.


A hands on workshop for students to learn the proper way to fill out an application.  Information includes viewing examples of good and bad applications, practice filling out an application, and identifying what your best skills are.

Business Etiquette

A fun, fast-paced, interactive way to introduce business etiquette to your students.  Topics covered include handshaking, greeting a potential employer, appropriate walk, online etiquette, phone etiquette and basic life/employability skills such as diversity, listening, manners, responsibility, and teamwork.

How To Keep a Job Preparation

A great way for students to learn appropriate office etiquette and work behavior.  Workshop topics to choose from include proper dress, proper protocol for dealing with workplace problems, office equipment usage, listening and teamwork.

Job Search/Networking

Learn how to search for a job via print and internet mediums.  Topics of discussion include teen job statistics/facts, how and where to look for a job, networking activities and exploring to find a career that fits.  Note that this workshop topic can be delivered alone in a shorter class period but is often best combined with Business Etiquette or Resume preparation in longer class sessions.

Interview Preparation

This workshop focuses on preparing students for an interview.  Topics include how to dress, eye contact, practicing what you’ve learned through interview role play, and preparing to back up your skills.

Resume Preparation

A way to introduce or expand your students’ knowledge of creating a winning resume, cover letter and reference sheet.  Workshop topics include tips for writing resumes, what information to include and exclude, learning to sell yourself in words, viewing examples of good and bad resumes, creating a pocket resume, cover letter and reference sheet (handwritten templates)We also will reference the availability of the Career Cruising Resume resources.  

Social Media

This workshop focuses on the various social media options that are available today and the importance of maintaining a positive and professional image since so many employers utilize these avenues when looking for information about job seekers.

Customized Workshops

Many of our workshops are customized to meet the specific needs of each school.  This option allows you to request a workshop that incorporates 2 or more topics identified above.  This works especially well if you have a block schedule with class periods that are longer than 1 hour.

Often, high schools ask for a series of workshops with a follow up session of Mock Interviews.

Topics for all workshops are based on grade level and the material covered is adjusted to support the career development curriculum being used in each district.  Our facilitators have several years of work experience and have been leading classroom workshops for many years.