Disability Works Committee

The Disability Works Committee of the Flint & Genesee Chamber of Commerce is a group of leaders from Genesee County businesses and agencies working together to establish a single source of information and support focused on people with disabilities as employees.

The goal of this committee is to serve businesses and residents of Genesee County as a primary resource of information pertaining to the employment, training or accommodations for people with disabilities.  We confidentially address the needs and concerns of business owners so that a diverse, inclusive workforce will grow while providing resources for accessible products, services, and benefits.

The Disability Works Committee includes small business owners, mid-sized corporations, and civic organizations that care about individuals with physical or mental challenges yet are capable of becoming the next “best employee you ever hired.” We believe everyone who lives in Genesee County deserves an opportunity to earn a living and contribute to the growth of our community.

Our mission is to increase the economic and employment opportunities of people with disabilities while meeting the workforce needs of businesses located in Genesee County by promoting a collaborative partnership between the private, public and non-profit sectors.

This is a “safe” place to seek information or resources to assist businesses or residents. All questions and inquiries to this committee are confidential. For business related information contact Heather Kale at hkale@flintandgenesee.org or (810) 600-1427, for individual-related information contact lukez@disnetwork.org

Disability Works Committee

  • Chair:  Ed Benning – General Manager, Mass Transportion Authority, 810-767-6950 or ebenning@mtaflint.org
  • Secretary: Vicki Sacharski – Executive Administrator, The Disability Network, 810-742-1800 or vickis@disnetwork.org
  • Mike Zelley – Executive Director, The Disability Network, 810-742-1800 or mikezelley@aol.com
  • Ron Newton – CEO, Newton International Companies, 810-767-5111 or rnewton@nisshr.com

Disability Works Champions