African American Advisory Committee

The African American Advisory Committee (AAAC) of the Flint & Genesee Chamber of Commerce was created to bring the perspective and concerns of the African American business community to the Chamber.

Their task is to recommend strategies that will grow business opportunities in the African American community, advise the community on the value of working with the Chamber, and to remind the greater Genesee County community of the impact of African American businesses on our total economy.

The Chamber’s mission statement focuses on addressing economic viability, community impact, diversity and quality of life in Genesee County.  These topics are important in every community.  The ultimate goal of the AAAC is to bring concepts and initiatives that aid in the development and expansion of under-represented business enterprises in Flint and Genesee County.

The strategic efforts of the African American Advisory Committee focus on community outreach and marketing. The AAAC addresses the barriers, challenges and many opportunities facing African American businesses. They do this by;

  • Improving communication to the African American business community
  • Enhancing the position of African American business in the marketplace
  • Identifying capital resources for African American businesses
  • Connecting business people with needed support and counsel

Click here for a link to the AAAC 2014-2017 Strategic Plan.

The African American Advisory Committee welcomes and encourages your feedback on how we can increase our presence in, and value to, the community.

For more information, email or contact Heather Kale at (810) 600-1427.

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