Shared Services

Flint & Genesee Chamber of Commerce Shared Services Center

It’s about improving public services

It’s about being more efficient and effective

It’s about increasing our competitiveness

What is the Chamber Shared Services Center?

The Shared Services Center serves as a center of excellence that helps local businesses and governments provide quality public services for residents, operate more efficiently, improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs through shared service agreements. The Shared Services Center is a powerful tool that can help grow the Flint-Genesee County economy.

The Center will focus on three key areas:

Build leadership.

Shared Services Leadership Center:  Develop and train Genesee County leaders on shared service delivery models and training programs, and expand the skill sets of future community leaders.

Drive solutions.

Solutions Center: Clearinghouse for information and expertise in designing and implementing shared services agreements.

Ensure success.

Advisory Council:  Leaders from business, education, government and unions providing insight and ideas on training, leadership and best practices in shared services.

The Case for Change

For decades Genesee County communities have competed against each other to attract new businesses and jobs.  But now most communities are dealing with the same crises and must realize the benefits of working together to address unprecedented challenges, such as:

  • Falling revenues
  • Rising legacy costs
  • Aging infrastructure
  • Waste
  • Competitive pressures
  • New rules on revenue sharing at the state level

We must realize our competition is not with each other. The interconnectedness of the global economy makes it clear that we are competing with the nation and the world. To compete successfully it is essential that we collaborate on identifying new and innovative ways to address these challenges.

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